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  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:54
    My squad joined a two squad mission to hit a target further behind the frontline than usual. Naturally, the LT gave field cmd to the other Sgt, guy named Johansson. It went well, the target was destroyed and none of my guys hurt. On flights back we rarely keep FT grouping and I climbed into the fourth bird as I needed to talk with Cpl Malcolmson.

    Suddenly the air filled with automatic fire from below, judging by the volume it was NVA. Then something air burst at our rear, destroying the tail section and shearing off part of the main rotor. I know pilots are trained for loss of tail rotor, but autorotation/weathervaning depends on the main rotor being sound. The Huey began to spin, we were going down fast and hard. Our crazy fairground ride through the trees tore off the remains of the main rotor and our bird ploughed into the ground.