Bad Ace

Photo Gallery for Squad Based Skirmish Games in 15mm



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  • Eric - Wednesday 4 October 2017 21:09
    Biggs and McNair now move to join Moss and Swain in the same cover, keeping low. Trent now runs back to evaluate and patch up Quinton. The lad has taken a bad hit to the shoulder, the Sgt manages to stop the blood flow but Quinton is out of the fight, that arm is useless for now.

    After the grenade blast, Cpl Laker looks for Mason and finds him missing, “What the Hell!?” Looking back to the west, he sees what FT1 cannot, one or more of the VC are circling around to try and surprise them on the flank. Taking aim he fires a burst on creeping rifleman, three rounds hit him and he is dead before he hits the dirt.