Bad Ace

Photo Gallery for Squad Based Skirmish Games in 15mm



R-0401.jpg R-0312ThumbnailsR-0402R-0312ThumbnailsR-0402R-0312ThumbnailsR-0402R-0312ThumbnailsR-0402R-0312ThumbnailsR-0402R-0312ThumbnailsR-0402

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  • Eric - Monday 17 July 2017 10:49
    On the edge of the ruins, survivors made a makeshift camp. Against the advice of the Resistance it grew and became known as The Narrows. With a degree of protection from geographic features helping them to avoid detection, they came to think themselves relatively safe and more came to join the shanty.

    Our Spotters report a force of T800s moving in from the west. Maybe the camp grew large enough for the heat bloom to register on satellite surveillance, certainly SkyNet has made their location. We must now hold off the machines until we can get the non-coms safely out.