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  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:58
    Unseen by us, VC pursuers are interrogating local residents. Fortunately they have seen nothing. Morley is pale and shaky, the bleed has just about stopped, but he has lost a lot. We get moving again, we have no choice.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:58
    The light is fading fast so I make the call for us to find cover to stay low in. Fruin found a candy bar in his fatigues and gave it to Morley. Aside from the Cpl, we have limited ammo and no food. Nobody will get much sleep tonight.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:57
    Malcolmson has shoulders like a rodeo bull, so bore the HMG with ease. He and I take point. The rains have come now, torrential downpour offering some slight relief to the sultry heat.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:57
    Later we came upon an area of elephant grass. Decided to skirt that, while it would provide good cover, there was a risk of running head first into the enemy.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:56
    Morley took point and came under BAR fire. He fell, bleeding heavily. The Cpl was close behind him and opened up with his newly acquired HMG, a punishing barrage of .50 cal rounds that dropped three VC riflemen. If there were others they high-tailed it and we heard no more fire.

    The round had ripped through the side of Morley’s belly. We tried to stem the bleed, gave his M16 to the pilot (Hammond) and gave his .45 in Morley. We must keep moving, Morley now supported between Joiner and Hammond. I aint leaving anyone behind.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:56
    Fortunately we had missed the punji stakes. Twice we heard artillery barrage overhead. It was likely aimed in the direction of the force that had brought us down. I silently hoped our gunners had gauged the distance right.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:55
    Moving to the SSE we had to sacrifice speed to keep the group together. A waterway was bridged with an old wooden structure, rice paddy beyond but no sign of locals. Doubt they would be an asset anyway, this far from the front line it would be dangerous for them to show any FWF sympathies.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:55
    We got a break and though shaken, nobody was seriously hurt in the crash. The other birds had kept going, likely thought us killed. The comms were u/s and we had no RTO with us. We had to move, the only ones coming for us anytime soon will be the NVA.

    Looked round to see Cpl Malcolmson hefting the .50 cal HMG from its door mount, “My LMG is almost out of ammo, I’m having this!” I nodded assent, I had one pigman, one blooper, three rifles and a flyboy with a .45 – we were going to need luck.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:54
    My squad joined a two squad mission to hit a target further behind the frontline than usual. Naturally, the LT gave field cmd to the other Sgt, guy named Johansson. It went well, the target was destroyed and none of my guys hurt. On flights back we rarely keep FT grouping and I climbed into the fourth bird as I needed to talk with Cpl Malcolmson.

    Suddenly the air filled with automatic fire from below, judging by the volume it was NVA. Then something air burst at our rear, destroying the tail section and shearing off part of the main rotor. I know pilots are trained for loss of tail rotor, but autorotation/weathervaning depends on the main rotor being sound. The Huey began to spin, we were going down fast and hard. Our crazy fairground ride through the trees tore off the remains of the main rotor and our bird ploughed into the ground.
  • Eric - Sunday 25 March 2018 20:16
    The oxen will have to find another crossing.

    We later learn that though his life is not threatened, Jacklin is hurt bad enough for a ticket home. There is a three day wait before the LT decides to return command of the squad to me. I could see he would have cheerfully appointed anyone else, but he is low on options. I will be getting a new rifleman and replacement RTO if possible.