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  • Eric - Wednesday 25 April 2018 21:02
    There was more RPG fire, they missed the east gun pit and the shell burst on open ground. Another RPG hit one of our birds, leaving the Huey bright with fire. Then it was over as quickly as it had begun. They had failed to overrun the base and enemy casualty level had reached the tipping point. They faded back in the jungle. One of our squads went after them with little hope of catching anyone.

    The enemy had lost twelve. We had one dead and two wounded, had lost one copter and the barn full of supplies and aircraft parts. Janiac will be back on his feet in a week or two, but Young aint likely to walk right again and gets to go home.

    I’m going to press for Gladwell to be his replacement.
  • Eric - Wednesday 25 April 2018 21:00
    If we could get lay down some fire it would be difficult for Charlie to clear the open ground, if not then Josie-Ann would be overrun. The majority would be LFVC, but I could also hear the sound of SKS, so we had the NVA out there calling the shots.

    Malcolmson and I dropped five charging enemies between us and a watchman (Gladwell) in the west gun pit was a star and had taken several targets out of the fight. The air was filled with lead, Janiac and Young both fell to enemy fire.
  • Eric - Wednesday 25 April 2018 21:00
    That was definitely RPG, we scrambled to grab weapons. We soon realised that although they had breached the fence, the enemy had missed the Watch Tower and the two guys there were still firing.
  • Eric - Wednesday 25 April 2018 20:59
    Nothing supernatural there, Satan was Kopalski’s dog, large German Shepherd and also a racist. Seems the mutt didn’t much care for Charlie. The only locals he didn’t bark at were the few who work on base and that was because they gave him scraps. He was barking now, then automatic fire, then three huge explosions.
  • Eric - Wednesday 25 April 2018 20:59
    Tuesday, I think? The LT is off base at some brass-heavy brief. It was still early with Cpl Malcolmson’s team and me the only guys in the mess hall. Aside from a half squad on watch we might be the only ones awake. I paused, fork half raised to mouth, I had just heard Satan ...
  • Eric - Wednesday 25 April 2018 20:58
    You’re looking at the Eastern half of Fire Support Base Josie-Ann, to the west is mostly airfield and storage. My apologies for poor quality of the photos on this game (cause uncertain). Rest of notes are from Sgt Sutton’s Diary ...
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 15:01
    We were about to move on when, against any expectation, we heard the sound of a Huey. I ran into the open and hurled our marker grenade (the only one we have). The bird turned and made a landing on the edge of the rice fields. We took some fire on dustoff, but our pilot put space between us and the shooters. Recon it was NVA and we just had a very near miss.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 15:00
    The local residents were surprisingly helpful and gave us clean water, rice and a little fish. Perhaps they took pity on our blood-soaked man. I offered my watch in payment, they refused. Honestly that was dumb of me, anyone found to have obviously American goods would likely lose their life if the NVA heard of it.

    As we ate I realised this settlement with its heavy bamboo fencing was the only hard cover around and the ideal place to make a stand. But I couldn’t do that to them after their kindness. We would just have to take our chances.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:59
    Directly tracking us, our NVA pursuers grow closer. These are not local VC volunteers, these are well equipped, hardened professional soldiers, arguable better than the drafted US boys.
  • Eric - Thursday 5 April 2018 14:59
    Later we sight a settlement. Despration pushes me to try the long odds and approach for food and water. It still feels like we are being followed and although I’ll not voice it, am starting to think we aint gonna make it home.